# Compile Zarb

# 🏗️ Compile From Source Code

Compiling Zarb is easy. The only thing you need is downloading and installing go (opens new window).

After installing go, first clone the project:

git clone https://github.com/zarbchain/zarb-go.git

Now you can build and test the project like this:

cd zarb-go

Run this command to make sure the Zarb is successfully compiled and installed in your machine:

zarb version

# Key Generation and Inspection

You can generate new keys or inspect them:

zarb key generate -p ~/zarb/keystore/private_key_1.json

You can inspect the key and check the public key:

zarb key inspect ~/zarb/keystore/private_key_1.json

If you want to see the private key, run inspect command with -e flag. Run this flag with great caution.

zarb key inspect -e ~/zarb/keystore/private_key_1.json

# Joining the Testnet

Let's join the testnet now. First you need to create a workspace for testnet. Like this:

zarb init -w ~/zarb/testnet --testnet

Now you can join the testnet. Simply run this command:

zarb start -w ~/zarb/testnet

Have fun 😉