# Become A Validator

Now, you are ready to create a full node and become a validator in Zarb network. For running Zarb you can either download (opens new window) the latest precompiled binaries or compile it from the source code.

# Initializing Working Directory

Now, you need to create a working directory for your validator. A working directory is a place where you save blockchain data, config and key files.

Working directory contains:

  • Validator private key
  • Genesis file
  • Config file

Feel free to take a look at these files. The validator private key is automatically generated for you. If you have another key for the validator you can replace it. To inspect the validator private key, run this command:

This command shows the address and public key of your validator. You are responsible for the safety of your validator key.

# Update Mintbase Address

Mintbase account is the account where you receive your reward when you propose a new block. If you do not define a Mintbase address, the rewards will go to the same account with your validator key. We highly recommend you define a separate address to collect your reward.

You can generate new key like this:

zarb key generate

Then update MintbaseAddress in config file and set the address. Also it's good to give a name or moniker to your node by updating the Moniker in config file.

# Syncing Blockchain

Now you can start the node and sync with the testnet. This may take several hours:

# Enter Committee

After syncing with the test net, you need to send a bond transaction to bond some of your tokens as stake and enter the validator pool. If you don't have any token yet, don't worry. There is a gentlemen agreement between validators in the network to let new validators join the validator pool. Just post your validator's public key in Zarb groups like Discord (opens new window), Reddit (opens new window) or Telegram (opens new window).

After you join the validator pool, the sortition algorithm starts working and after a while you will enter to committee.

When you enter the committee, you will have the chance to propose and validate the blocks. Any time you propose a new block, you will get the rewards.

# Find your way

In this document we tried to explain a simple way to run a validator in Zarb network. you may do it in a different way. Find your way of deployment. But never forget that security first!

Good luck 🍀