# Transaction

# What Is Transaction?

# Transaction Format

Transactions in Zarb are as seen below:

type Transaction struct {
   Version   int              `cbor:"1,keyasint"`
   Stamp     Hash             `cbor:"2,keyasint"`
   Sequence  int              `cbor:"3,keyasint"`
   Fee       int64            `cbor:"4,keyasint"`
   Type      PayloadType      `cbor:"5,keyasint"`
   Payload   cbor.RawMessage  `cbor:"6,keyasint"`
   Memo      string           `cbor:"7,keyasint,omitempty"`
   PublicKey *PublicKey       `cbor:"20,keyasint,omitempty"`
   Signature *Signature       `cbor:"21,keyasint,omitempty"`

Payload types are:

const (
   PayloadTypeSend      = PayloadType(1)
   PayloadTypeBond      = PayloadType(2)
   PayloadTypeSortition = PayloadType(3)


  • The payload will be decoded based on payload type
  • Sign bytes are CBOR data of tx without public key and signature
  • Transaction ID is the hash of sign bytes

# Transaction ID

Transaction ID is the hash of a transaction without a public key and signature.